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The Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies offers support opportunities for all its endowments, research projects, lecture series, publications, special projects, capital projects and unrestricted gifts for operations. All its programs are designed to address major contemporary issues by drawing creatively on Catholic intellectual traditions and the power of inter-faith dialogue in a uniquely appropriate organization for the 21st Century. A gift to the Institute through USC is also credited to your USC giving and will be recognized by the university. All gifts are tax-deductible.

Remember: gifts of all sizes are welcome. A gift of any size will help the Institute fulfill its timely mission. Indeed, you can make a gift on-line now by clicking here:

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If you are interested in learning more about our many programs, projects and named endowment opportunities to honor you or a loved one in perpetuity, we are happy to discuss the many ways by which you can support the Institute.

Major Funding Goals include:

  • $65 million for program and fellowship endowment – this goal includes 20-25 named fellowships for visiting scholars in addition to programs, publications, and lecture series; and…
  • $10 million to establish the physical facility, which includes research, conferencing and residential space for the scholars.

Methods by which to give include:

  • Cash gifts online
  • Checks
  • Securities (Stocks or Mutual Funds)
  • Property and Real Estate
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Assets
  • Bequests
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Annuities and range of Planned Giving vehicles

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us so that we can learn of your interests and explore the best ways in which you can support us now and in the future.

Donor Recognition

Permanent donor recognition opportunities will honor individuals who make major gifts and contributions.

Need and Benefits

If we are to increase the number of scholars committed to the dialogue between the Catholic faith and modern culture, and to carry on at the highest level scholarship focused on the field of Catholic studies as a whole, we need to create an institutional design of a specialized and particular kind.

The Institute will do for scholars interested in Catholic intellectual traditions what secular institutions such as the Princeton Institute and the Wilson Center have done for their own fields of research. The Institute represents a new form of institutional capacity necessary if Catholic intellectuals, in dialogue and partnership with scholars of other religious traditions, are to engage faithfully and competently modern culture with its massive investment in science, technology and media.

The Catholic Church has created and sustains an international set of institutions-schools, universities, hospitals and social services-that have made accessible enormous religious and social benefits to peoples of many faiths, often to the poorest of peoples. The leadership of these great institutional resources will benefit from the best of scholarship that understands the mission of the Church, its myriad of institutions, and the needs of the world.

No such institution for the production of such scholarship exists. Ignorance of religions and their power leads to bigotry and prejudice, and sometimes leads, tragically, to violence. An Institute, rooted in Catholic traditions dedicated to inter-religious dialogue and the good of all of society, meets a critical need in the world today. The leadership of the board of trustees of the Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies, the support and commitment of the University of Southern California and the enthusiasm of the friends of the Institute together possess the will to create this much needed and innovative Center.

Fr. James L. Heft, S.M.
President, Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies
September 14, 2006