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Dear Friend,

      We continue to be blessed because of individuals like you who have, whether through your monetary or spiritual support, helped us to strengthen and expand IACS. We remain faithful to our mission: to bring scholars together from different religious traditions and academic disciplines to do research on major issues facing society, and to help move the Catholic tradition thoughtfully, creatively, and faithfully into the 21st Century.

      During this past year, with your support, we have done many good things:

  • We have held an international conference on economics and Catholicism.
  • We have continued the great tradition of the on-campus Plumleigh lectureship series, most recently featuring the importance of growing influence of Latino Catholics.
  • I personally have led many discussions at the new Caruso Catholic Center with USC students who desire to understand Catholicism better.
  • We have published two books, one on the 50th anniversary of Vatican II and another based on our Vatican conference on economics (see the other side).
  • We continue the fruitful “Generations in Dialogue” program supported by Merle and Peter Mullin and by a matching grant from the Angell Foundation.

      As you can see, it’s been a busy year—and I have listed only a few of the things we have done.

      Our relationship with USC continues to be one of remarkable collaboration. We have ambitious plans for the future, and count on your support to help us accomplish them. Your contribution will enable IACS to fund special scholarly and student initiatives and provide the funding to initiate key projects that later will become full-fledged research initiatives such as the True Wealth of Nations and the Mullin Generations in Dialogue Scholars Program. We would very much appreciate your financial support to accomplish these goals.

Sincerely yours,


Fr. James Heft, SM

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After Vatican II: Trajectories and Hermeneutics

(William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, August 2012)
Edited by James Heft and John O’Malley

book coverSince the closing of Vatican II (1962-1965) nearly fifty years ago, several multi-volume studies have detailed how the bishops at the council debated successive drafts and finally approved the sixteen documents published as the proceedings of the council. However, the meaning of those documents, their proper interpretations, and the ongoing developments they set in motion have been hotly debated. In a word, Vatican II continues to be very much a topic of discussion and debate in the Roman Catholic Church and beyond. The council was an extraordinarily complex reality. It is no wonder, therefore, that opinions vary, sometimes sharply, as to its significance. This volume explores these major flashpoints.


The Moral Dynamics of Economic Life:
An Extension and Critique of Caritas in Veritate

(Oxford University Press, March 2012)
Edited by Daniel K. Finn

book coverCaritas in veritate (Charity in Truth) is the ‘’social’’ encyclical of Pope Benedict XVI, one of many papal encyclicals over the last 120 years that address economic life. This volume, based on discussions at a symposium co-sponsored by the Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies and the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, analyzes the situation of the Church and the theological basis for Benedict’s thinking about the person, community, and the globalized economy.