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Dominic F. Doyle

Dominic Doyle is an associate professor of theology at Boston College's School of Theology and Ministry. A graduate of the University of Cambridge and Harvard Divinity School, he received his doctorate in systematic theology from Boston College. His writing has appeared in Theological Studies, Gregorianum, Irish Theological Quarterly, and Studies in Spirituality. His theological interests include theology of culture, doctrine of God, and theological anthropology.

Dominic has received a number of awards, including a John Templeton Award for Theological Promise, the Catholic Theological Society of America's Catherine LaCugna Award to New Scholars, and an Analytic Theology Course Award from the University of Notre Dame's Center for Philosophy and Religion. He has also participated in the Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies' Generation in Dialogue Program with Bernard McGinn and in a Wabash Center Workshop on Teaching and Learning. He is presently working on a book on the relationship between positive psychology and the theological virtues. A native of the United Kingdom, he lives in Boston with his wife, Tracy.