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About The Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies: Institute Affiliates

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Fall 2010 Vatican Conference on
"The True Wealth of Nations":

John L. Allen, Jr., National Catholic Reporter

Mary Jo Bane, Harvard University

Albino Barrera, O.P., Providence College

Rebecca Blank, U.S. Department of Commerce

Luk Bouckaert, Catholic University of Leuven

John Coleman, S.J.

Paul H. Dembinski, University of Fribourg

Miquel Diaz, U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See

Ruth Groenhout, Calvin College

Kenneth R. Himes, O.F.M., Boston College

Mary Hirschfeld, University of Notre Dame

David Hollenbach, S.J., Boston College

Katherine Marshall, Georgetown University

Bishop William Murphy, Diocese of Rockville Centre

Michael Naughton, University of St. Thomas

Michael Novak, American Enterprise Institute

Paulinus I. Odozor, C.S.Sp, University of Notre Dame

Amy J. Uelmen, Fordham University

Johan Verstraeten, Catholic University of Leuven

Alan Wolfe, Boston College

Stefano Zamagni, University of Bologna

Former AAC Members:

Most Reverend Oscar H. Lipscomb
Archbishop of Mobile, Alabama

Michael Novak
Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

Book Contributors:

Father James Heft, Board of Trustees
Jill Conway, Board of Trustees
Daniel Finn, Board of Trustees
Kevin Starr, Board of Trustees
Peter Steinfels, Board of Trustees
Mary Douglas, Academic Advisory Council
Joseph Komonchak, Academic Advisory Council
Bernard McGinn, Academic Advisory Council
Patrick Heelan, Academic Advisory Council
Francis Oakley, Academic Advisory Council
M. Cathleen Kaveny, Academic Advisory Council
Charles Taylor, Academic Advisory Council